Hydrate Herbalife

Hydrate Herbalife

Hydrate Herbalife is the supplement belonging to the Herbalife24 that help your hydration when you are doing training, is designed based on the latest science to provide a real hydration to support your body during the workout.

Everybody knows! Performance is tied to hydration.

Replenish your body with bioavailable electrolytes to enhance fluid absorption, ensuring you are ready to perform.

Herbalife Hydrate contains

  • 0.16mg Vitamin B1
  • 0.21mg B2
  • 0.37mcg B12
  • 0.9mgB5.


Mix one stick pack with 500mL of water.

All Herbalife24 products are Prohibited Substance Tested to ensure your confidence in our product.

Available for Australian and Italian Market only

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