Herbalife24 Prolong

Herbalife24 Prolong

Herbalife24 Prolong is a Subte-Lemon-flavored drink with carbohydrates and proteins to be used during intense and prolonged exercise. With an assortment of 270-330 mOsmol / kg, it contains milk serum proteins to promote muscle mass growth.

Main Benefits:

  • A dual-source blend of maltodextrin and low glycemic fructose facilitates carbohydrate utilization*
  • A 12:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio with ultrapure whey protein isolate helps reduce muscle breakdown during exercise*
  • Bioavailable electrolytes help maintain a cellular environment for proper muscle contraction*

Flavor: Lemon

Package: 37 Oz.

Consume Herbalife Prolong during high-intensity or extended exercise*

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