Herbalife Turkey opportunity

Welcome to this Fantastic Opportunity.

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At Herbalife Nutrition, our commitment to make the world’s best nutrition products is the same as our commitment to help people reach their goals. That’s why we’re offering Members and customers the opportunity to meet those goals as Herbalife Nutrition Preferred Members!

YES! With the Membership you can get your Herbalife Products at 25% OFF and more!

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How to have all these advantages?

Simple. Just fill the online module by clicking the button below, select your preferred membership (Member or Distributor) using the following information:

Sponsor’s Herbalife ID*: 25Y0044544

Sponsor last name (First 3 letters)*: BOR

Purchased a Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) from your Sponsor? * : NO

↓ Click on the below link and follow the instructions ↓

I want my membership for free!

First step – Create an Herbalife Account

You will found the page on the right, simply fill it with your email address and select a password, then click “Create Account“.

Your password must be 8 characters in length (no more) with at least one number, one capital letter, and one symbol.

Note: if it continues to give an error just refresh the page with F5.


Step two – Read the Guarantee

Read the page with the Welcome message and Gold Standard Guarantee.

Click on “GET STARTED” button.

Step three – Herbalife Membership Application and Agreement

Read all the page and click on all flags “I have read and understood this message“.

At the end of the page fill the sponsor information (IMPORTANT):

Sponsor’s Herbalife ID*: 25Y0044544
Sponsor last name (First 3 letters)*: BOR
Purchased a Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) from your Sponsor? * : NO

Click on “CONTINUE” button.


Final Step – Complete the Application

Fill all the information required: Name, Address, preferences etc…

Select where to ship your Herbalife Membership Pack.

Click on “CONTINUE” button until the final step.

Finally insert your billing address and credit card information and click on “SUBMIT

That’s it! You are an Herbalife Member!